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What in the world is PC Mod Tracker???
To sum it up, a service that will let you see who's played what RPGA or Blackmoor mods in your area. Then let you contact that person so that you can get together and play those mods.
I also think this is a great tool for game day orginizers because they can see who's played what mods and offer those mods at their game days to people have not played.

But just to let you know it's a work in progress.

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Nov. 1, 06
Fixed a error when adding a name with '

Oct. 18, 05
Made is so that when you log on your home state is automatically selected when you do a query. Adding Blackmoor to the list of campaigns.

Mar. 12, 05
Fixed some issues with pages that not in the proper format. Things should be working again as intended.

Dec. 22, 04
Fixed a bug which prevented pc adventures from being shown. Also added the ability to search for characters by state.

Nov. 3, 04
Added the ability to sort the list of pcs on the query page. And added some dbase numbers at the bottom of this page

Nov. 2, 04
Added the ability to look at some of the other pcs in the database and see what mods they've played.
Right now the only pc with data is 'He who has no name.'

Oct. 25, 04
Users now can enter their mods into the database and edit their mod info.

Oct. 21, 04
Added the ability for users to enter in their pc information and edit it.

Oct. 19, 04
Worked on the members page some. Added the ability to edit member info and created the pc info database. next is adding the ability to enter pc info and edit it.

Oct. 9, 04
Created the main pc database and finished work on the front page and registration page.

Could not connect to DB
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